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Now read another dialogue.

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Tim: So we’re finally going on holiday together. That’s great, isn’t it?

Jenny: Fantastic! Where shall we go then? Have you been to Poland?

Tim: No, I haven’t but I don’t really want to go.

Jenny: OK, I’ve been to a few countries in Europe but I’ve never been to Iceland.

Tim: Iceland??? How about something a bit warmer? Some place in the South? Have you been to Greece?

Jenny: Oh, I’ve been to Greece twice but there are still many places I haven’t seen. And I haven’t tried all their local dishes yet.

Tim: All right, then. Let’s do it!

In this dialogue the present perfect is used to talk about a period of time from the past until now. To say what period of time you have in mind you may use these expressions:


in the last few days

so far

this week

for two weeks

since Tuesday.

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