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GRAMMAR: Present Perfect

Imagine the situation in the taxi.

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Mrs. Williams: OK, so we are finally going and it’s all thanks to me! I’ve made all the preparations for our trip. I’ve taken out travel insurance, I’ve bought train tickets, I’ve made hotel reservations ...

Mr. Williams: Yes, dear, what would I do without you?

Mrs. Williams: Have you taken everything with you?

Mr. Williams: I hope so, honey. I’ve just checked with your list.

Mrs. Williams: Have you closed all the windows and locked up the door?

Mr. Williams: Eeeee ......

Mrs. Williams: Driver! Turn back! Quick!

Mrs. J uses the present perfect (I’ve made ..., I’ve taken ..., Have you closed ...) because she talks about

actions in the past that have a result now.

actions that happened in the past.

actions that are happening now.

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