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5 points

Read the email that David has sent to his friend Jeff and answer the questions.

Hi Jeff

Do you remember Liza, my colleague (the attractive one)? I talked to her about cable TV and I can’t believe she is so excited about it. Her husband watches sports channels, her kids love some wildlife documentaries and she’s excited about some silly sitcom. And she also likes watching the news channels.

I was wondering whether to get cable TV myself but from what she tells me I don’t think there is a single show I would really watch regularly. What do you think? It’s not very expensive but does it make any sense to pay for all those channels?



1. David has written to Jeff

to share his comments about Liza’s enthusiasm for cable TV.

to ask what Jeff thinks of Liza.

to ask for his advice on cable TV.

to ask if Jeff finds Liza attractive.

2. What programmes does Liza like?


all sitcoms

her favourite sitcom

wildlife documentaries


3. David is surprised that Liza may like a sitcom.



4. After talking to Liza David wants to get cable TV.



5. There is one show that David might watch regularly.



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