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Read this short text about clubbing (going out to nightclubs to dance, have drinks and meet people).

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NIGHTLIFE - For a city of its size, Oxford has a surprisingly varied club scene, with fifteen nightclubs within the centre. Through the weekday nights the student union and several promoters provide numerous student clubnights, with the most popular clubs including The Bridge, Park End, The Studio. Here R&B, hip hop and classic 'cheese' dominate the playlist, whilst The Purple Turtle provides free entry every night and cheap drinks for members of The Oxford Union. Recently, Oxford has been treated to legendary DJs including Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold and DJ Shadow. Elsewhere there's something for everyone, with Coven II having regular drum 'n' bass, trance and hard house nights, The Zodiac providing alternative, indie and hard rock, whilst Po Na Na caters for fans of funk, chillout and eclectic music. [(http://www.anjool.co.uk/clubbing_oxford.htm)]

Write four or five sentences about your opinion of clubbing. Do you ever go to clubs? Why / why not? If you could go to one of the clubs described in the above text, which one would you choose?

Write a note (80-100 words) about your hobby or the hobby of your friend or someone in your family.

The questions below will help you get started:

How long have you had this hobby? When did you take it up?
How much time do you spend on your hobby?
Is it expensive? Do you spend a lot of money on this hobby?
Do you know any other people who have a similar hobby? How did you meet them?

Lesson_3_-_Vocabulary_-_MY_FAMILY_-_Page1 Lesson_3_-_Vocabulary_-_MY_FAMILY_-_Page2 Lesson_3_-_Vocabulary_-_MY_FAMILY_-_Page3