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Read what Anna says about looking for a flat.

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I’m looking for a flat to rent. I’ve already had a look at five flats, but I didn’t like any of them. The first one was quite nice, but terribly expensive. I would like a place that wouldn’t be too expensive. The next flat was in a huge block of flats which was in very bad condition, so I didn’t like that. The third flat was very cold. There was no central heating, just two small electric heaters, and the place was draughty, because the windows were old and didn’t close properly. The fourth flat was almost perfect – it was in good condition and was not very expensive. But it was terribly noisy. The windows looked out onto a very busy street, with heavy traffic. I don’t think I could sleep or work there! The fifth flat was ok, with very large rooms, but it was very dark. The windows were very small. I find dark rooms depressing. Also, this flat was on the fifth floor and there was no lift. So I need to keep on looking!

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