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GRAMMAR: Passive Voice

Look at these examples.


1.A My grandfather was a composer. He wrote two operas.

1.B The police said that that gang from San Francisco had stolen 500 cars last year.


2.A This is a beautiful opera. It was written by Verdi at the end of his life.

2.B Car crimes are terrible here. 500 cars were stolen last year.

Can you see when we use active and when passive verbs? When you talk about your grandfather, it wouldn’t be natural to say “Two operas were written by him.” You talk about him more than about those operas, so you say “He wrote two operas.” When you talk about some opera, you use the passive verb to say when it was written.

Can you explain the difference between the sentences about cars?

One sentence is about some action and its results. Which one?



One sentence is about the people who did something. Which one?



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