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When you start describing your house, your flat or your office, you may notice some problems that somebody else will have to solve for you. For example:

There are two printers in our office but none of them works properly. We must have them repaired.

There is an extra bedroom upstairs. We’ll have it renovated next month.

To have something done means to arrange for someone to do it for us.

We must have it repaired means that we must find someone to repair it for us.

We’ll have it renovated means that we’ll arrange for someone to renovate it for us.

If you say I’ll repair the printer you mean to do it yourself.

Look at this example.

Sue often washes her car but Tim always has his car washed.

Who does it herself/himself?



Who is too lazy and gets somebody else to do it for him/her?



Again for Polish learners this may be a bit confusing. In Polish you may say Muszę sobie przyciąć włosy even if you don’t mean to do it yourself. In English you have to say I must have my hair cut. If you say I have to cut my hair, people may start worrying about you!

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