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Now read these dialogues.

Sue: We have to talk about that project. Can I call you around 8 tonight?

Tim: No, I’ll be watching the football then.

Sue: How about tomorrow morning?

Tim: Great, why don’t you call me on Skype? I’ll be working on the computer all morning.

Tim is using the future continuous because he’ll be in the middle of doing something.

Look at the following pair of sentences. Can you see the difference?

1. I’m too busy to think about it now. I’ll work on that project tomorrow.

2. I’ll be working on that project tomorrow so you may call me on Skype any time.

In sentence 1 you’re simply saying “Don’t bother me now. I’ll do it tomorrow.” In sentence 2 you’re saying “I’ll be busy doing something on my computer all day so you can easily get in touch with me while I’m working.” So as with other continuous tenses you’ve already learned, we talk about a longer activity.


I/You/ He/She/It We/They



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