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5 points

Liza is talking to her friend Sue on the phone. Listen and answer the questions.

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1. What room did Liza finally book?



2. Why did they have to wait when they arrived?

Because their room was still occupied by other guests.

Because there was a problem with their reservation.

Because they arrived before the check-in time.

3. The hotel is conveniently located because it is

close to the city centre.

close to the beach.

on the beach.

4. Santa Monica is a good place to stay because

it has a nice beach.

there are not many tourists.

it is close to the famous places.

5. What is Liza advising Sue to do?

To make a reservation and cancel it later.

To wait with the reservation until she really makes up her mind.

To book a room as soon as possible because the hotel is popular.

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