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Reading (10 points)

Read the text and choose one of titles that best fits the text.

  1. Ireland – the land of contrasts

  2. Living abroad in Ireland

  3. Ireland discourages visitors

Wrapped in a soft green cloak of ancient memories, Ireland is one of the most beautiful and fascinating small countries in the world. To the west of Britain, this jewel of an island has become one of Europe’s most desirable addresses for those wishing to swap the stresses of city life for old-fashioned rural bliss.

Unfortunately, Ireland can’t boast of having the world’s most glorious weather but constant sunshine isn’t everything. Most expatriates are enticed here for many of the same reasons vacationers are. So what makes Ireland special? Ireland lures with its unique scenery coupled with space, safe streets, and a far more gentle way of life. Along with an absorbing tangle of history, it also offers colorful festivals and curious traditions. What’s more, its vibrant culture of music, dance, and poetry remains wonderfully intact and accessible to everybody. The country is so proud of its literary and cultural heritage that resident writers, artists, and musicians are allowed generous tax breaks. Here you’re never considered too young or too old to learn to play the fiddle, take up painting, or write a masterpiece.

In our polluted world, the notion of a clean, green environment is hard to resist. Europe’s industrial revolution hardly touched provincial Ireland. Particularly in the wilder reaches of the west old-fashioned ways stubbornly survive with many communities.

Yet the great paradox is that Ireland is also part of the new Europe, a modern country with good hospitals and top-class restaurants. Its capital, Dublin is no stuffy museum-piece city but a place where you’ll find cyber cafés and a club scene as well as all that renowned Georgian architecture, traditional theater, and legendary pubs. And if you enjoy outdoor activities, there’s plenty to keep you busy. These include sailing, hill walking, fishing, and foxhunting, not to mention more than 350 superb golf courses.

Most Irish people enjoy good living standards and the economy is in great shape, combining steady growth with low inflation. Rather than laboring in smokestack industries, many of the country’s young and highly educated workforce are employed in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and computers. Your new Irish neighbors are just as likely to be working at the cutting edge of technology as tending sheep and cattle. Taken from:

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USE OF ENGLISH (15 points)

Cloze test. Fill each gap with one suitable word.

Not so long ago, most people 1. .… little attention to cyber crime. Malicious hackers, hi-tech bank robbers and identity thieves were the stuff of science fiction novels; few outside the industry of 2…. technology had more than a passing knowledge of their damaging potential. As recently as 20 years ago, the role 3…. computers was mostly behind the scenes. The data they contained were relatively easy to secure because they were 4…. moved or communicated to other machines.

That is not to 5… that the computer industry ignored security. In fact, it has worked to address security and reliability issues 6…. decades, helping to ensure that banks could safely process transactions, that flight control systems 7…. flawlessly and that sensitive data remained in the hands of those authorized to 8…. them. But all this went on behind the scenes – and the average citizen knew 9…. about it.

The past few years have seen all that change. The amazing 10…. of PCs connected to the Internet transformed the nature of computing, setting information free and creating tough new security challenges.

A 11.... of malicious and highly publicized computer viruses demonstrated the 12…. of ensuring the integrity and security of 13…. increasingly interconnected computer networks.

And the terrorist attacks of September 2001 reminded 14…. that our computing infrastructure is as critical to our economy as our physical infrastructure – and that the safety of each is at least partly dependent 15 …. the other.

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Translate the following sentences into English. (5 points)

  1. To nie jest człowiek na którym można polegać.
  2. Marek wygrał zawody i jest w siódmym niebie. (use MOON)
  3. Jeśli o mnie chodzi to nie rozumiem w czym jest problem.
  4. Pomimo niesprzyjających okoliczności udało nam się skończyć pracę na czas.
  5. Mówiłam Ci. Ja tego nie zrobiłam! Naprawdę!

WRITING (10 points)

Choose one of the subjects and write it below.

  1. Write a discursive essay (200 – 250 words) on The usefulness of the Internet.
  2. Write a formal letter of application for a job in a computer company. Write about your experience, qualifications and motivation.
  3. Write an essay: The quality of highier education in Poland.