Progress Test- URBAN LIFE / SENSES

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Read this text about Bangalore, one of India’s largest city and decide if the statements below are true (T) or false (F).

Bangalore – India’s most cosmopolitan and hi-tech city

Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka is home to almost 5 million inhabitants, which makes it India’s fifth largest city after Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Chennai. It is also the center of India’s hi-tech industries, with more industrial parks and skyscrapers being built each year. Westerners who worked in this sector and lost their jobs even quoted the term “to get bangalored” as many of the firms relocate here. However Bangalore is not just industry. The city often quoted as “a little Britain in India” is not a typical city for the sub-continent. It has wide clean streets lined with trees, many green and inviting parks and still relatively low pollution. There is also a sense of order on the postcard-pretty streets, something not seen elsewhere in India. However that might not last long as greenery is first to go, when places for new buildings are needed. The pollution is also rising, though it’s still not such a problem as in Bombay. There are many sights worth seeing in the city. Among them Hindi and Persian temples, St. Mary’s Basilica and palaces of the Sultan – a souvenir of Muslim rule, and the Maharaja – from early Hindi rule. Many British colonial influences are also present in the city. Especially the colonial style suburbs, virtually unchanged during the years are worth a look. Bangalore is also a great place to visit because of it’s relaxed atmosphere, making it India’s most cosmopolitan city (though this title is often also given to Bombay) as well as the fact that although kannada is the official language English is spoken by virtually everyone and dominates the streets. The fact that most people use English as their first language here is also responsible for the latest disagreement on name change. Bombay embraced the new official name Mumbai, there where no problems with changing Madras to Chennai or Calcutta to Kolkata, but bangaloreans are not keen on the new name: Bengaluru.
(Inside Guides, South India, Singapore 2006)

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Your travel agent, Sunrise Tours, sold you a holiday in Torremolinos on Costa del Sol in Spain. You paid extra to stay at a 4-star hotel located across the street from the beach in a quiet part of the town. When you arrived, it turned out that your hotel is only a 3-star establishment located about 1 km away from the beach and next door to a popular night club. Write a letter of complaint to Sunrise Tours demanding compensation (150-180 words). Bring the letter to class for your teacher to grade.