Progress Check - DREAMS/ MY FUTURE

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Rewrite the sentences introducing any necessary changes. Start with the words in bold.

  1. No one could have been faced with such a difficult decision. seldom
  2. After ten years they began to love each other. only
  3. We got soaking wet, but we also caught a terrible cold. not only
  4. I haven‘t felt so humiliated in my whole life. never
  5. We had got down to work when the boss entered the office. scarcely
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Unjumble each of the words in italics in the sentences below.

  1. Before making a decision to live abroad mireneted your motives.
  2. Most problems stem from differences in culture and gelanuga.
  3. I nerock he knows something that he is not telling us.
  4. I hate being the centre of tentanoti I feel so embarrassed.
  5. We’re really looking drawrof to seeing you in London next week.
  6. I never medrat I’d actually get the job.
  7. I didn’t sleep a kwin last night.
  8. You won’t believe how many people are retaliteli they can’t read a simple text.
  9. It’s commonly believed that a real man should not show his nesaksesew.
  10. No way will I get a diploma with tiditnicson. I’m not clever enough.