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Imagine you are in San Francisco and have the time for only one tourist attraction: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Coit Tower or Alcatraz. Write two or three sentences about your choice and the reasons for it.

For example: I’m going to Alcatraz because...

Now imagine you want to go abroad with your friends. You have not yet decided where to go. Think of a possible place and look it up on the internet. Try to find some English-language websites about the place. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything.

You can go to the Rough Guide website: [(http://travel.roughguides.com)]

Or the Lonely Planet website: [(http://www.lonelyplanet.com)]

Then write an email message to your friends telling them about the place of your choice and the reasons why you should all go there. Word limit: 150 words.


Hello Everyone, I have an idea about the place for our trip this summer. How would you like to go to Dublin? We can buy plane tickets from cheap airlines, so flying will not be very expensive. There are plenty of things to see there, for example .....

I’ve always wanted to...

It would be fun to ...

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