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Now read an excerpt from a BBC article posted before the 2006 World Cup in Germany (12 June 2006).


First try to guess the meaning of the highlighted words in the context of this text and answer the questions.

BBC World Cup coverage

Digital viewers can access interactive TV for news, updates, stats and a whole lot more than 90 minutes of action, around the clock.

BBCi is offering a double interactive service for the World Cup with highlights, analysis and alternative commentaries during live BBC matches, plus an additional service for times when games are not showing.

Available on all digital TV platforms around the clock, pressing your red button will offer two main services - Live Match and Replay. The permanent BBCi service of sports news and results will also be available.

Fans can send in their own opinion by email or SMS which will appear live on screen, and BBCi will be asking specific talking-point questions throughout the game.

Viewers will have the audio choice of BBC TV or Radio Five Live match commentary, the real-time noise from the stadium.

And live match coverage on interactive will be extended beyond BBC One transmission to allow for extra post-match analysis.

Viewers will also be able to replay matches in full.

The BBCi World Cup Zone will be up and running in between BBC match broadcasts.

This will include a non-stop England stream, repeats and highlights from every match and every goal from every game on demand.

The exclusive service dedicated to the England team on and off the field will show the most up-to-date interviews with Sven-Goran Eriksson, press conferences, video player profiles, news and views from Germany and those all-important full repeats of England matches.

With all the build-up to England games, including a look around the stadia, BBCi gives living-room supporters a real flavour of the atmosphere and tension of Germany.

And following every evening's highlights programme you can have your say.

The interactive Talk Forum will open its doors through digital TV, on BBC Radio Five Live and video-streamed live on the internet at bbc.co.uk/worldcup to host a full hour-long discussion for fans with BBC pundits [...]

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