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I don’t like shopping when the shops are really crowded, that’s why I never go shopping on weekends. I prefer to shop alone. I don’t like to hear anybody’s advice. I don’t like it when the shop assistants try to tell me that I look good in something. I know what I want and I don’t need anyone to tell me.


Shopping with friends is OK, but I don’t like shopping with my children or with my husband. He is always in a hurry and complains that everything is too expensive and that I spend too much money. I like things that are good quality, but I usually try to buy them when they are on sale. I’m always very happy when I find a good bargain. I like to explore new shops. I think that shopping always at the same shops is boring.

Mrs. Thompson:

I always look round many shops and check how much similar things cost. I never buy the first thing I see. I like things that are good quality, but I don’t like to pay more than necessary. I have a good memory for prices. I do most of my grocery shopping at large supermarkets, except for vegetables, fruit and meat. I buy vegetables and fruit from a greengrocer’s on the corner and I always buy meat from the same butcher.

Mr. Thompson:

Fortunately I don’t have to go shopping! My wife buys everything for me. She is so good at finding the right things. If I go into a large supermarket, I get a headache.


I like to buy food in open-air markets. All the vegetables look so colourful and pretty... It’s nice to walk around and choose things... I once wrote a poem about shopping for potatoes...

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