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Read what these people say about their shopping preferences and answer the questions below.


I like shopping in general. My favourite store is my local Barnes&Noble bookstore. It’s great, because it’s huge, and has a very large selection of books, magazines, CDs, and calendars. It also has a coffee shop -- a Starbucks -- and lots of sofas and armchairs everywhere. So you can just come in and spend lots of time reading magazines or looking for an interesting book, while having coffee and cake. I sometimes shop on the Internet. I don’t like buying clothes online, because I cannot try them on, but I buy lots of other things online. For example, last year I bought a laptop.


I like shopping, especially for clothes. I always try lots of clothes and spend ages in fitting rooms. I can never decide what to take. I try to think carefully about what I buy, but I often make mistakes. Later I have lots of things that I never wear. I like shopping with my friend Janice because she has excellent taste and she always gives me good advice about what I should buy.

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