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Now read an excerpt about love and the internet from a different source and answer the questions.


Internet communication, for many, provides the ideal conditions in which to fall in love. Just enough cues about the other person to hook into our desires, not enough information to shatter the romantic illusion. Candid self disclosure becomes common as it is the only means of getting to know each other and is protected by a degree of anonymity, but it is also easy to build a picture that the other wishes to see. Indeed, as I discussed in a recent column on the psychology of deception, the distancing provided by the internet can reduce the emotional costs of deceiving others. Many are attracted to the internet as a medium for relationships for just this reason - it provides the opportunity for emotional contact without personal risk or exposure.

Mark Fenton-O’Creevy

Open2.net is the online learning portal from the Open University and the BBC.


8. Internet communication provides the ideal conditions to fall in love because

there is enough information to get interested in somebody but nothing that can spoil it.

there is little information about the other person.

you learn everything about the other person but you don’t say much about yourself.

9. Candid self disclosure means

hiding information about yourself.

revealing information about yourself in an open and honest way.

presenting false information about yourself.

10. The distancing provided by the internet can reduce the emotional costs of deceiving others. This means that in internet communication

you are less worried about cheating others.

you get more emotional.

you are honest and never cheat the other person.

Look at the three excerpts again and write four sentences explaining why online dating is popular nowadays.

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