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Ms Murray is one of 12 million unattached people in Britain. That is a figure which has grown dramatically in the last few decades. Divorce rates have rocketed and, with today's busy working lives, there is little time left to search for a soul-mate. Since the 1960s, the number of people with no-one to go home to has quadrupled. But where there is a problem, there is always a business to sell you a solution. According to recent surveys, no less than two thirds of single people looking for love have signed up to dating agencies.

4. If divorce rates have rocketed, it means that they have

grown quickly and suddenly.

remained stable.

grown slowly and gradually.

5. A soul mate is a person

who is your lover.

with whom you share a close friendship and deep personal understanding.

who is as religious as you are.

6. If the number of single people has quadrupled, it means that it has become

four times bigger.

reduced to one fourth.

They are much worse performers.

7. No less than two thirds means

two thirds or less.

at least two thirds.

a lot more than two thirds.

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