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Below you’ll find excerpts from Terry Messenger’s article “Love on the Web”

[(http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/business/4674252.stm)] Published: 2006/02/02 23:36:08 GMT

Read the text and answer the questions.


Comic Susan Murray loves the cheers and applause she receives at the end of her shows. She's a rising star on the UK comedy circuit. But when she leaves the stage, she's alone and, she admits, a little bit lonesome.

Ms Murray, 36, is one of the millions in Britain who are single but don't want to be. She has plenty of friends but she wants that someone special in her life. Now she's decided to do something about it. She's signed up to a variety of dating agencies. "The life of a stand-up comedian just renders you being single," Ms Murray says. "You're just busy working, working, working all the time, and I never meet people at work. "All the comedians I know are mad, ugly or married - or all three."

1. Susan Murray is

happy with her career but not her personal life.

happy with her career and her personal live.

unhappy with both her career and her personal life.

2. She signed up to dating agencies because

she wants to have more friends.

she wants to find a partner.

she wants to start her own business.

3. What does she think of other comedians?

They are not suitable candidates for marriage.

They are unfriendly and difficult to talk to.

They are much worse performers.

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