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Now read the text to find out if your expectations were correct. Choose the correct answer.

people have fewer children

people have more children

people work too much and don’t have time for family life

people remarry and start new families

Changing families

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Nowadays more and more children have to face their parents’ separation and divorce. This means a series of changes in their family life. They may have to accept new partners for their parents and share their homes with half-siblings or step-siblings. Frequently, they live in two households. As a result, children in stepfamilies have problems in adjustment, which may affect their health and their progress at school.

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A lot of children miss their non-resident parent and would like see more of them. Sometimes it is not just the question of how much time is spent together but whether it is actually quality time. Typically, a non-resident parent takes his children out for a meal instead of really getting involved in what is important for them at the moment.

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Another common problem is the unclear role of the stepparent. Sometimes he or she tries to be a friend, sometimes a strict parent. But normally children find it difficult to be disciplined by a stepmother or a stepfather. Besides, children are jealous of the position of other children in the new family, especially those that are born to their parent and the stepparent.

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It is interesting that many children in stepfamilies confide in their grandparents rather than parents, and they usually have a better relationship with their maternal rather than paternal grandparents. They also tend to rely on their friends a lot.

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It goes without saying that although the changing family structure is widely accepted, the problems that children have to cope with are underestimated. It is quite possible that while parents are pursuing their own happiness in a new relationship, they may be paying a high price for what is happening to their children.

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