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Now find out what other musicians say. Don’t worry about the words you don’t understand. Try to get the main idea and match the person to what he says.

Be careful who you support

Alan Vega, Suicide

"Opening up for any high-profile band is a great opportunity. But don't do it unless you are prepared to fully commit. When we supported the Clash in Scotland, every night felt like world war three. The kids came for the Clash and got us first. They were so hyped up - but we wouldn't back down. I taunted them, 'You have to live through this to get to the Clash!' Our presence infuriated them to the point of riot. It was pure mayhem, they were destroying everything in reach. In Glasgow, an axe flew by my head. It was surreal, I felt like I was in a 3D cowboy movie. We barely escaped with our lives - but we were really going out there to survive. Thirty years later - guess it worked!"

Don't stand too close to bandmates

Matt Rubano

"Our singer likes to twirl the microphone like a lasso. One night at Earls Court, in front of 12,000 people, I walked forward and caught it on the forehead. I was knocked to the ground. I got back up and realised I was soaking wet. I put my hand on my forehead and I was gushing blood. I was rushed off the stage and patched up. By the middle eight of the second song, I was back on stage and finished the gig, blooded and bandied up. Then they rushed me to casualty. Afterwards, fans sent me helmets. Some said, 'Are you doing that again tonight?' It looked really cool.'"

Use hearing protection

Andy Partridge, XTC

"We had this nerdy image but I remember reading in the 80s that we were officially the loudest band ever. We used to have the sound as loud on stage as it was in the audience. We used to see all these supposedly fearless heavy metal bands and think, 'You pansies!' because they were wearing earplugs. However, after five years of touring, I'd lost 50% of my hearing."

Hold it together: it will be OK in the end

Grant Nicholas, Feeder

"Touring can be lonely. You can be playing in front of thousands and then be climbing the walls in your hotel room. I had some problems last year - screaming at the audience off-mic. I caused haemorrhages of my vocal chords. I was terrified; my voice wouldn't work. You have to look after yourself. The crucial thing is to enjoy the magic hour on stage because if you do, it will all be worth it. [...]

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