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Now look at the words in bold and check if you know what they mean.

The house is set in an idyllic, rural location.


full of trees

in the countryside

The house stands on two acres of land with a lot of mature trees.




The property is currently undergoing refurbishment.

renovation and redecoration

change of furniture


The kitchen is fully fitted.

with direct access to the garden


with all the necessary cupboards and appliances fixed into position

The kitchen has French windows leading to the garden

windows with curtains

stained-glass windows

a pair of glass doors

A special feature of the house are beautiful stained-glass windows in the hall.


made with coloured glass and lead

with double glazing

The dining area can be separated from the lounge if required by a glass sliding door.


living room


Maintenance fee is just £1000 per annum.

the fee paid for keeping the place in good condition

the fee paid for cleaning inside the flat

the fee paid for a parking space

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