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Imagine you’ve just discovered this information about health informatics in the NHS and you get really interested. You might think of working for the NHS in the future. Write an email to your friend in which you share this information with him/her, express your opinion and ask him/her what he thinks (200 words).

Here are some ideas you may use.

Hi Jack,

· Have you heard of health informatics in the NHS?

· Wouldn’t you like to work for the British health service?

· I’ve just read about health informatics and it sounds really interesting.

· Did you know that there are so many jobs for computer specialists in health service?

· Do you know that modern medicine depends on information technology so much?

· Have you heard of life-long electronic health records? I’d love to work on such a project.

· I’d love to be an expert on patient data. You may really feel important.

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