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Now read about some career options in health informatics and answer the questions.


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Information & Communication Technology (ICT) staff

Run the internal and external electronic communications systems. This includes the hardware (desktop PCs) and the software (ward ordering systems, email, pathology report service and patient bookings). Staff roles include network management, technology and help desk support, application and systems development, project management and implementation, system security and staff training

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Health records staff

Collate, store and retrieve the patient records used in diagnosis and treatment. Accurate, accessible health records are now more vital than ever because many different healthcare professionals can be involved in treating an individual patient. Staff roles include health records staff, assistant manager of a medical records department and clinical coders.

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Knowledge management staff

Support health professionals and management staff in their education, training and development and professional practice. Access to knowledge may be through books, periodicals and electronic information databases. Many staff in this area will assist NHS employees to access the information. Staff roles include administrative assistant, knowledge managers, information specialists and librarians.

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Information management staff

Use statistics and other information in order to plan, monitor and develop the health service. They might work in one of many different fields, including data analysis or data protection and confidentiality. Clinical coding — analysing and coding information on patients' records — is a specialist area within information management. Staff roles include research, clinical audit, data protection and confidentiality, planning and performance management.

5. What does the word staff mean?

The manager.

The management.

The group of people working for an institution.

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