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Now read the first excerpt from the NHS Careers website and answer the questions.


Health informatics: Careers in Information management & technology

Providing better healthcare through the intelligent use of information and computers

Information management and technology or 'health informatics' as it is increasingly described in the NHS, is one of the fastest growing areas within the health sector. It has a huge role to play in today's NHS because giving patients the best possible care depends upon fast, accurate information being available when and where it's wanted. As a health informatics professional, you are the expert on patient data that doctors, nurses, and other providers rely on to perform their jobs. Whether you are interested in working with computers; want to work in a library; enjoy analysing data and statistics or like the idea of helping patients and clinicians alike with their medical records, there is a career in health informatics for you. Staff are currently working on many ground-breaking projects. For example, they are introducing life-long electronic health records for every member of the public enabling GPs to send test readings and images electronically to hospital specialists many miles away and allowing nurses in local minor injuries units to consult doctors in accident and emergency departments.

1. The information is accurate if it is

easy to get.

exact and correct.


2. The information is available if

it is fast.

you can find it.

there are no mistakes.

3. What are electronic health records?

Information about health care that can be found on the web.

CDs with information about health problems.

Information about patients stored electronically.

4. Health informatics is becoming more and more important because

people want to know more and more about health.

patients can get the best care only if the information about them can be found quickly when it is needed.

health care is impossible without the full information about the patient.

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