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Now read this excerpt from an article from the BBC and match the names of the people with the diets.

Dieting dilemmas! [(http://www.bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire/lifestyle/2003/11/dieting.shtml)]

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[...] Whichever diet you choose, they all promise to help you shed those unwanted pounds but the question is - do diets really work?

According to Martin Rogers from Cheltenham, “Diets are always a constant struggle. You can try one diet for a few weeks but then your will power goes. The Atkins diet worked for me. I lost three stone in six months but you really have to stick to it. If you stop and start eating properly again the weight tends to pile back on.”

Tiffany Bailey from Bishops Cleeve tried the Weightwatchers diet when she wanted to shed a few pounds. She said: “I did Weightwatchers for a month and […] I lost about half a stone in a month and was pleased with the results. I didn’t go to any classes or anything, I just followed the book, which worked for me. The diet is good once you get used to it and you don’t feel hungry as you can eat a really varied diet.”

Carole Booth, from Gloucester, has tried lots of different ways to lose weight, including the cabbage soup diet. She said: “The cabbage soup diet works if you stick to it. No cheating and the weight will drop off. The good thing about this diet is that if you are serious in wanting to lose weight but are afraid of always feeling hungry, you can have as much of the soup as you want when you want, plus you get to eat other things too. I don’t think it would be any good for someone with cravings for crisps or a very sweet tooth and you would have to like veg because after a while the soup becomes very boring.” [...]

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