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UGO: Which of your movies has your daughter seen?

Johnny Depp: Yeah. What has she seen? She saw Edward Scissorhands. I wasn't there when she saw it, but she saw Edward Scissorhands. And I think she saw Benny and Joon.

UGO: Does she understand what you do?

Johnny Depp: Not just yet. It hasn't really registered that daddy's an actor. There was a woman at some restaurant who asked what her parents did, and Lilly Rose said, 'Well, my mommy's a singer.' And the lady said, 'Oh, yeah? What does your daddy do?' and she said, 'My daddy's a pirate.'

10. His daughter said he was a pirate because

this is what he had told her.

she wanted to impress that woman so she was not telling the truth.

she doesn’t understand what it means to be a pirate.

she’s too young to understand that he’s an actor playing a pirate.

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