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UGO: When stuff comes on TV, what's the hardest to look at?

Johnny Depp: All of it, but two things happened in the last two years. I was in France last year, and Ed Wood came on television. It was dubbed in French, and it was so surreal. So, I watched like 10 minutes of it dubbed in French. Another time, What's Eating Gilbert Grape came on, which is a film I've never seen. And it was the opening credits and then the opening scene, and it got me to the point, I was trying to watch a little bit of it and I started to hyperventilate. I just shut the T.V. off and walked away.

7. What does it mean that the film was dubbed in French?

It had a voice-over in French but still you could hear the actors’ voices.

You could hear the actors and read the subtitles.

It had a new soundtrack in French so the actors were given French voices.

8. I started to hyperventilate means

I opened all the windows.

I started to breathe very fast because I was so nervous.

I turned on the air-conditioning.

9. What does he think of watching his films on TV?

He likes seeing the final product.

He feels very happy when he watches them.

It’s very difficult and he can’t do it.

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