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1. Living in France has been ..................... for Depp’s relationship with Hollywood.

very good


2. What does Depp like about living in France?.

He likes the French actors.

He doesn’t know anything about people around him.

He spends time with interesting people.

3. What is atypical celebrity status?

A position that is unusual for a superstar.

A position that every famous person would like to have.

A position that every famous person has.

4. What is atypical about Johnny Depp?

He has a lot of fans although his work is not very good.

People love him but he doesn’t like his work.

He’s very popular but he’s an outsider.

5. What does it mean that he is highly revered?

He is well understood.

People don’t really understand his work.

He is greatly respected and admired.

6. Depp says Well, thank you.

because the interviewer paid him a compliment.

because that’s the end of the interview.

because he doesn’t want to answer more questions.

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