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Read what Zelda says about her job and about fashion, then answer the questions.

I’m a professional stylist, which means that I give advice to people about what they should wear. I first analyze the person’s needs and preferences, as well as her body type and her looks. Together, we try to discover what her “fashion personality” is -- does she feel good in clothes that are casual and relaxed, or in clothes that are elegant and classic, or maybe in clothes that are very colourful and creative, or perhaps very romantic and feminine. During the consultations, I help my client to find the right clothing, accessories and shoes. My main role is to choose styles that suit the person and are very flattering. I also help to find things which are affordable but high quality. I help the client to create a wardrobe that is perfect, by eliminating things that are not flattering any more and adding new clothes.

When I choose clothes for myself, I go for clothes made of natural fabrics. I usually buy things made of wool, silk and, of course, cotton. I like shopping for clothes, but I don’t like shopping for shoes. I find it very difficult to find shoes that fit and are comfortable, and at the same time look good.

Of course I need to know exactly which styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories are fashionable and which ones are not. I read fashion magazines and go to fashion shows. Although I work with fashion every day, I’m not a slave to fashion. In my opinion, one doesn’t need to be a fashion victim in order to look smart. First of all, following the latest trends in fashion can be extremely expensive. Also, fashion victims often give up their individuality for the sake of fashion. They choose clothes which are extremely fashionable, but do not really suit their looks or their personalities.

Nobody knows exactly why some things become fashionable. Of course, great fashion designers present their new collections every season, but not even everything they show catches on. Fashion is extremely important for all the producers of clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. People usually buy more clothes then they really need, and they do it because of fashion. On the other hand, life without fashion would be very boring...

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