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Imagine that you want to study online with a British university. Surf the Internet to find a university that you would like to study at and a suitable distance learning program. Then read the information provided on the website about this program. Prepare some notes about this program, in the form of answers to these questions (taken form the British Council webpage http://www.educationuk.org/):

Questions to ask when choosing a course:

1. What qualification will I receive?

2. Is it recognised by relevant employers or professional associations?

3. What are the admission requirements?

4. What are the main aims of the course/what will I learn?

5. How is it taught and who are the teachers?

6. What course materials are provided?

7. Will I be able to get hold of the books I need?

8. What support is available from the institution and/or locally?

9. How is it assessed?

10. Who is responsible for setting and marking the exams?

11. How long will it take?

12. How much will it cost?

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