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Of course, chasing hurricanes is risky. To understand what may happen to you, read another text from Violent Skies Tours website. Check the words you don’t know in a dictionary. Which things from the list below would you find most dangerous?

Risk and Hazards
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There are risks involved in any pursuit of severe weather. We do our best to provide a safe storm chasing experience, however it is possible to incur injuries even on our tours. Such risks include

· debris flying through the air,

· inhaling dust that is blown from the ground,

· lightning strikes and

· being hit by other storm chasing vehicles when we are parked just off the road.

We take safety very seriously, and we ask each of our tour guests to listen closely to our tour guides when they make safety announcements, such as "Get in the vans," or "Please stay off the road." With a little common sense and paying attention to your tour guide, we will all have a lot of fun and stay accident-free.

Imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend has just signed up for this tour. Write him/her an email in which you explain that it’s too dangerous (100-120 words).

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