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Ten tips before you buy

Pay by credit card because this may give you some additional protection. Only use debit cards when you're dealing with shops you know you can trust. When giving out these details, always ensure you're using a secure site. Do some real-world research as well as internet research to compare prices. Internet prices may not always be the cheapest.

Print out your order and keep any terms and conditions in a safe place along with the company's postal address and telephone number. Don't let your common sense and shopping skills desert you when shopping online. The same principles apply. Buy at your own speed, and get recommendations about sites from friends.

Check the company's policy on returning goods. If you've bought the item from a site abroad, you may find returning it costly. Look out for loyalty schemes and email alerts where shops will contact you with bargains or new deals. Be careful about spending too long surfing for a bargain - it can be addictive and costly.

Avoid early evening and lunchtime congestion when America wakes up and logs on the internet. Keep any site you like in your 'favourites' so you can return to it quickly.

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