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Now read the parts of the BBC UK Consumer Guide about shopping online. [(http://www.bbc.co.uk/consumer/guides_to/shopping_onlinehow.shtml)]

How to go about shopping online

Most high-street names now have a presence online. These shops and other well-known internet shopping sites are a good place to start. It's best to get used to buying online from a brand you already know and trust. [...]

Most online shops work on the 'shopping basket' principle. You tour the site and click when you see something you want. The item gets placed into a virtual shopping basket. When you want to pay for the items in the basket, you'll be asked to register.

You'll then be taken to a secure part of the site to give details of your credit or debit card. You're usually able to send a cheque instead, but this can mean a wait of a week or two, because the company will often want to clear the cheque before sending you the goods.

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Before you buy

If you don't know the shop, check that it has a phone number and ring to find out its address so you can contact the company if necessary. [...]

Check the shop's policy on security and privacy. Good companies are likely to have privacy statements on their websites.

Be sure you know what's being sold, the total price, the delivery date, the return and cancellation policy, and the terms of any guarantee.

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