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Read the excerpts below, taken from the webpage of the Thomson travel company. [(http://www.thomson.co.uk)]

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Greece’s islands mesmerise all those who visit, with their charming traditions, friendly people and of course, the wonderful beaches. Why not visit some of the island’s capital towns – wind your way through Corfu Town’s Venetian cobbled streets and enjoy a coffee in Liston Square; wander through the medieval walled town of Rhodes; explore Kos, a town full of life and character; or admire the views over the volcanic crater in Thira, the main town in Santorini, which will take your breath away.

In addition to lush green countryside, ancient magic, glorious beaches and warm hospitality there’s so much more to discover.

Greece is a wonderful setting to enjoy your favourite sport or hobby and in most resorts you can go sailing, horse riding and cycling. There are beautiful walks to enjoy and Thassos, Kefalonia and Samos are particularly wonderful islands for walking.

You can explore the shores of neighbouring islands, taking a refreshing sail across the glistening blue seas.

Note how suggestions are made in this text:

Why not visit...
You can explore...

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