Lesson 3 - Vocabulary - MIND AND BRAIN

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The verb MIND is very often used to ask for permission (cartoon 6). Look at the examples:

1)Do you mind if I borrow your dictionary?

2)Would you mind if I borrowed your dictionary?


Do you think I could borrow your dictionary?

To which the answer is:

(+)No, go ahead. (we agree) or (-)I’d (would) rather you didn’t. (we disagree)

Not at all. It’s all yours!

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The verb MIND may also be used to describe your attitude towards someone/something. Look at the conversation:

A: Do you like opera?

B: I don’t mind it. (I am not very keen on it, but at the same time it doesn’t bother me.) (+/-)

For a stronger reaction you say:

(++) I’m very keen on it. / I absolutely love it.

(+) I’m quite fond of it / I quite like it.

(-) I’m not very keen on it / I find it a bit irritating.

(- - ) I can’t stand it./ It drives me mad.