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Mr. and Mrs. Williams are in a restaurant. Read the dialogue.

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Mrs. Williams: What are you having, honey?

Mr. Williams: I would love a grilled sausage.

Mrs. Williams: But honey, you know that grilled sausages are not good for you! They’re fatty, and hard on your stomach, and later you always have heartburn…

Mr. Williams: I’ll have some pizza, then.

Mrs. Williams: Remember, that’s got lots of cheese in it. And tomato sauce. And remember, you’re allergic to tomatoes.

Mr. Williams: Oh, yes, you’re right. I could have a grilled steak, then.

Mrs. Williams: But that’s going to be very tough! And your teeth are not so good…

Mr. Williams: Yes, you’re right… What do you think I should have, then?

Mrs. Williams: I think some chicken risotto would be good for you… The meat will be lean and tender, and rice is very healthy.

Mr. Williams: You’re right, darling. I’ll have that, then.

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