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Linia 23: Linia 23:
:<rightoption>you put on your salad</rightoption>
:<rightoption>you put on your salad</rightoption>
'''Mr. and Mrs. Williams are in a restaurant. Read the dialogue.'''
|'''Mrs. Williams:''' What are you having, honey?
'''Mr. Williams:''' I would love a grilled sausage.
'''Mrs. Williams:''' But honey, you know that grilled sausages are not good for you! They’re fatty, and hard on your stomach, and later you always have heartburn…
'''Mr. Williams:''' I’ll have some pizza, then.
'''Mrs. Williams:''' Remember, that’s got lots of cheese in it. And tomato sauce. And remember, you’re allergic to tomatoes.
'''Mr. Williams:''' Oh, yes, you’re right. I could have a grilled steak, then.
'''Mrs. Williams:''' But that’s going to be very tough! And your teeth are not so good…
'''Mr. Williams:''' Yes, you’re right… What do you think I should have, then?
'''Mrs. Williams:''' I think some chicken risotto would be good for you… The meat will be lean and tender, and rice is very healthy.
'''Mr. Williams:''' You’re right, darling. I’ll have that, then.
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'''Read what these people say about their eating habits.'''
'''Read what these people say about their eating habits.'''

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Do you know these words?

A pineapple is...

a kind of apple

a tropical fruit

a kind of cake with apples in it

You get heartburn...

when you have problems with your heart

when you have problems with your stomach

when you sit in the sun for too long

A dressing is something...

little girls wear

you wear when you go jogging

you put on your salad

Read what these people say about their eating habits.

Face Liza.gif

When we want to go out, we usually book a table in advance, because we don’t want to go to a restaurant and find out that it’s full. We usually have a three-course meal. Most often we have soup for starters. Then we have the main course, and later we have dessert and coffee. We usually have a bottle of wine with the meal, but we order water as well. After we pay the bill, we always leave a tip for the waiter or waitress.

Face Anna.gif

I almost never eat out, especially at expensive restaurants. But I often go out with friends for a pizza. Quite often I have lunch at the cafeteria at my university. The food is not bad, and it’s not very expensive. They have an excellent salad bar, which is good, because I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t eat most of the things on their menu. If I cook at home, I always make pasta, because it’s so easy.

Face Janice.gif

My favourite food is sushi. It’s Japanese food, made with rice, raw fish (salmon for example), and different kinds of seafood. I know a couple of good places that serve sushi…

Face David.gif

I’m afraid I usually have junk food. I live by myself, and I don’t think it makes sense to cook for one person. So I often eat at fast-food restaurants – such as McDonald’s, Burger King, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. If I don’t want to go out, I make a phone call and order a pizza. They deliver it in 20 or 25 minutes, so I don’t have to wait long.

Face mrsWiliams.gif
Mrs. Wiliams:

I usually cook at home. My husband doesn’t know how to cook, so I shop for food and do all the cooking. I really like it. My husband has lots of health problems and I think that home made food is best for him. For dinner, I usually serve soup as the first course, and then some meat (often pork or chicken) with potatoes, rice, or dumplings. We have salad on the side.

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Answer these questions about yourself. Write 2-3 sentences to answer each question.

1. What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

2. Are you a vegetarian? Do you have any friends who are vegetarian?

3. What are your favourite foods? Is there anything you really hate, or anything that you are allergic to?

4. How often do you cook? How often do you eat out?

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