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London is known as the “Theatre Capital of the World.” There are over 100 theatres in London, about half of them in the West End. Every year, over 12 million visits are made to the theatres in the West End only!

The official London Theatre website (http://www.officiallondontheatre.co.uk) gives some advice on how to buy tickets for the West End theatres.

Read these excerpts from the website and check if you know, or can guess, the meaning of the words in bold type.


You can buy in person, via telephone, or online. You can pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card, or by Theatre Tokens.

You can buy theatre tickets from a variety of places...

- From the theatre box office

- From ticket agents

Theatre box offices are generally open from 10am and usually close about 30 minutes after that evening’s show has begun (they stay open throughout matinée performances). There is usually no booking fee when you buy tickets in person. If you telephone the box office direct to order tickets, you may be charged a modest administration fee and/or booking fee.

Ticket agents always charge a booking fee, but it will usually be no more than 25% of the ‘face value’ of the ticket (i.e. the price you would pay if you bought the ticket direct from the theatre box office in person).

Practical advice on buying your tickets:

Ask if the seat has a restricted view - these seats should be cheaper.

If you are purchasing tickets over the phone or online a few days before the performance, it may be advisable to ask if you can pick your tickets up at the box office before the performance. Try to arrive early, around 30 minutes before curtain up, to ensure that you have time to queue and collect your tickets.

Don’t buy tickets from touts (scalpers). They can operate from booths, online or on the street. If you’re in any doubt - don’t buy!

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