Lesson 3 - Vocabulary - DIFFICULTIES: Różnice pomiędzy wersjami

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Linia 56: Linia 56:
*Ćwiczenie 10 [[Media:M4_u7_l3_10.zip|aqm]]
*Ćwiczenie 10 [[Media:M4_u7_l3_10.zip|aqm]]
*Ćwiczenie 11
<li>He is as fit …. a fiddle</li>
<li>He is as brown ….  a berry</li>
<li>He eats ….. a horse</li>
<li>He is as deaf ….  a post</li>
<li>He sleeps ……a log.</li>
<li>It is as clear …. mud</li>
<li>It spreads ……. wildfire</li>
<li>He is as quiet …. a mouse</li>
<li>He spends money …… water</li>
<li>He shakes …. a leaf.</li>
<li>He is as quick ….  lightning </li>
<li>He goes ……. a bomb</li>
<li>He looks ……. a drowned rat</li>
<li>He sings ……. a lark</li>
<li>It is as cold …..  ice</li>
<li>He smokes …… a chimney </li>
<li>He runs …… a hare</li>
<li>He drinks …..  a fish</li>
<li>He treats his employees . ….. dirt.</li>
<li>He is as pleased …. Punch</li>
<b>Match the meanings below with the expressions above (there may be more than one answer for the meanings below):</b>
<ol type = "a">
<li>He smokes a lot </li>
<li>He’s come back home. It’s raining outside.</li>
<li>It’s terribly cold.</li>
<li>He mistreats somebody.</li>
<li>He’s healthy wealthy and sound.</li>
<li>He is very scared.</li>
<li>He is content.</li>
<li>The news spreads incredibly quickly.</li>
<li>He runs quickly.</li>
<li>He is not careful with money.  </li>
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a) 16; b) 13; c)10,15; d)19; e)1; f)10;g)20; h)7; i)11,12,17; j)9.
*Ćwiczenie 12 [[Media:M4_u7_l3_12.zip|aqm]]
*Ćwiczenie 12 [[Media:M4_u7_l3_12.zip|aqm]]

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Vocabulary connected with problems, difficulties and issues, expressions connected with succeeding, failing, having difficulties;similes.

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  • Ćwiczenie 2 aqm
  • Ćwiczenie 3 aqm
  • Ćwiczenie 4 aqm
  • Ćwiczenie 5 aqm
  • Ćwiczenie 6 aqm

Look at the following expressions and match them with the pictures below:

1M4 u7 l3 1.jpg2M4 u7 l3 2.jpg
3M4 u7 l3 3.jpg4M4 u7 l3 4.jpg
5M4 u7 l3 5.jpg6M4 u7 l3 6.jpg
7M4 u7 l3 7.jpg8M4 u7 l3 8.jpg
  1. The tide has turned for us, there are better days ahead.
  2. We can see light at the end of the tunnel at last.
  3. All the trouble last year was just swept under the carpet in the end.
  4. The two parties have buried the hatchet for the time being.
  5. I’m up to my neck in it.
  6. You should apologize to him. I think it would go a long way.
  7. We were on tenterhooks all night waiting for the news from the hospital.
  8. You’ve been in a lot of trouble lately; you’d better toe the line from now on.
  • Ćwiczenie 8 [brak odpowiedzi w pliku zrodlowym]

Difficulties while learning via computer. Read the following statements and answer the questions below:
a) I’ve bookmarked the CNN home page, as I use it regularly to get the latest news.
b) She must have changed her e-mail address – the e-mail I sent her bounced. (came back to me)
c) If you subscribe to newsgroups, you often get a lot of messages. (become a member)
d) The file you sent me yesterday as an attachment was unreadable. The text was completely garbled. (just a series of meaningless letters and numbers)

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  • Ćwiczenie 10 aqm

  1. He is as fit …. a fiddle
  2. He is as brown …. a berry
  3. He eats ….. a horse
  4. He is as deaf …. a post
  5. He sleeps ……a log.
  6. It is as clear …. mud
  7. It spreads ……. wildfire
  8. He is as quiet …. a mouse
  9. He spends money …… water
  10. He shakes …. a leaf.
  11. He is as quick …. lightning
  12. He goes ……. a bomb
  13. He looks ……. a drowned rat
  14. He sings ……. a lark
  15. It is as cold ….. ice
  16. He smokes …… a chimney
  17. He runs …… a hare
  18. He drinks ….. a fish
  19. He treats his employees . ….. dirt.
  20. He is as pleased …. Punch
    1. Match the meanings below with the expressions above (there may be more than one answer for the meanings below):
      1. He smokes a lot
      2. He’s come back home. It’s raining outside.
      3. It’s terribly cold.
      4. He mistreats somebody.
      5. He’s healthy wealthy and sound.
      6. He is very scared.
      7. He is content.
      8. The news spreads incredibly quickly.
      9. He runs quickly.
      10. He is not careful with money.

      • Ćwiczenie 12 aqm