Lesson 3 - Vocabulary - CIVILIZATION

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Respond to the following clues in an appropriate way:

  1. During a lecture, your professor uses a new term you don’t understand. You want to know what this new term means.
    ______ do you ______ by ...?
  2. Your colleague is dominating a class discussion. You want to join in. ______ very/really ______, but...
  3. A passer-by has asked you a question but the street is very noisy and you didn’t hear what he said.
    ______ you ______ that, ______?
  4. Your aunt is very enthusiastic about the new colour of the local school (pink). You don’t like it at all.
    ______ my ______, they should have ______ it differently.
  5. In an Internet café, there is a heated discussion about the advantages and dangers of the World Wide Web. You think it has been the greatest technical improvement in history.
    ______, I ______ think there is ______ other invention that would equal ______.
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Additional exercise

Write a description of your ideal home: what type it would be, the material it would be made from and where it would be situated. You may also add something about the interior of your dream house: how many bedrooms, how big a living room it would have etc.