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Look at this information about Yellowstone National Park. Which places would you like to see?


Must See

If you have a limited time in the park, these are the areas that you will want to consider:

· Geyser areas from Madison to Old Faithful and Firehole Drive / Falls

· Mud Volcano Area

· Canyon Area - Artist Point, Inspiration Point, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls

· Tower Falls

· Lamar Valley - wildlife - antelope, bears, buffalo, birds, coyotes, moose, mule deer, wolves and more

· Mammoth - thermal area and Museum

· Norris Geyser Basin

· Gibbon Falls

Trip Planning

One Day in the Park

If your interests are Geysers and Thermal Activity [1], then you will want to visit the area south of Madison Junction. This would include the Lower Geyser Basin, Fountain Paint Pot, Midway Geyser Basin, Biscuit Basin and the Upper Geyser Basin or Old Faithful area. You could easily spend more than half a day at the Upper Geyser Basin / Old Faithful area. Check at the Old Faithful Visitor Center for predicted eruption times of the different geysers in the basin. There are many geysers to watch and enjoy besides Old Faithful and many that are more spectacular. Beehive is tremendous, as is Castle, Giant and others. This total area is filled with geysers, hot pots and pools that are beautiful and fun to enjoy.

If your interest is Wildlife [2], then you will enjoy the drive from West Yellowstone to Madison. There are buffalo, elk, sometimes moose, Canada geese, ducks, trumpeter swans, coyotes and other wildlife on the hillsides and meadows along the Madison and throughout the area.

Wildlife viewing is not an exact science. They have daily and seasonal habits, but also tend to do what they would like when they like. Usually, the morning and evening is the best time for viewing wildlife as they come out to eat. During the day they normally go into the trees and shade to rest from the heat and from eating.

Grizzly bear watching has been good for the past two years at Fishing Bridge and Hayden Valley. Buffalo, elk, eagles, geese, ducks, otters, black bear and some wolves have been seen from the Mud Volcano area north through Hayden Valley to Canyon.

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