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Now listen again for more details and answer the following questions.

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1. David wants Liza’s opinion because

he is not sure if he needs cable TV.

the offer looks attractive but he isn’t sure if he wants it.

he doesn’t understand the offer and wants her to explain it.

he wants her to recommend the best Internet service provider.

2. What does Liza think of cable TV?

She thinks it is wonderful.

She thinks that few channels are worth watching.

She thinks it’s not good for her kids.

She dislikes it when her husband John watches sport on TV.

3. David is not excited about news channels because

he is too busy to watch TV.

he doesn’t need more than one short news bulletin a day.

he finds news depressing.

he is not interested in the news at all.

4. What does David think of children watching wildlife documentaries?

Children shouldn’t watch them at all; they should get the real experience.

It’s a good opportunity to learn about wildlife.

It’s a good opportunity to find out about animals that live on different continent.

They shouldn’t watch them because they eat too much unhealthy food and grow fat.

5. Liza likes “Life on Campus” because

she likes all sitcoms.

it is very funny.

it is about ballet.

her husband likes it, too.

6. When she says, You are being really impossible, she means

It’s impossible to believe in what you’re saying.

You are behaving in an awful way.

You usually behave like that so I’m not surprised.

It’s impossible to understand what you’re saying.

7. At the end of their conversation Liza gets upset because

David asked for her opinion but doesn’t really care about it.

David is critical of everything she says.

David criticizes everyone she’s talking about.

David is not listening to her.

8. She wants him to go on holiday because

she’s angry with the way he behaves.

she thinks he may behave in this way because he’s overworked.

she’s trying to be nice to him.

she wants him to go on holiday with her family.

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