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Listen to the dialogue again. What kind of holiday would you prefer? Write a note (about a hundred words) about this and send it to your instructor / to the forum. Use some of the following words, phrases and expressions in your text:

I quite like ...

I like ... (very much)

I loves ...

I’m fond of ...

I’m keen on ...

I enjoy ...

I don’t like ... (very much/ at all)

I dislike ...

I hate ...

I can’t stand ...

I would rather (stay in one place) than (travel to a lot of places)

I would prefer to (eat in a restaurant) than to (have a picnic in the open air)

  • stay with friends in the country / countryside
  • go away for a couple of days
  • go camping, sightseeing, shopping
  • sleep in a tent at a campsite
  • go on a sailing trip / a sightseeing tour / a package holiday / a skiing holiday / a hitch-hiking trip around ......
  • spend one’s holiday in a seaside resort / at the seaside
  • day trip / an excursion
  • do a bit / a lot of sightseeing
  • take / go on a (guided) tour of the museum / the castle / the cathedral / the art gallery, etc.
  • visit a museum / an art gallery / a cathedral, etc.
  • try local dishes/ local specialties / the local specialty
  • have a look round the shops / spend a lot of money / buy souvenirs
  • have a look around the town
  • see / admire the scenery / the views
  • take photos/ photographs / pictures
  • admire monuments
  • admire a statute / a painting / a sculpture
  • see famous landmarks
  • read a guidebook
  • have a great time
  • get seasick / get lost in ....
  • get a tan / get sunburn

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