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FUNCTIONS: expressing likes and dislikes

Do you remember how Pauline, Jake and Tricia talked about what they and their families like and dislike?

Susan loves swimming and dancing, but she really hates school.
I like hiking in the mountains and I love extreme sports, but I really dislike computer games.

There are other expressions. Look at the table below.

I quite like your new house.

I like cold drinks.

They like my car very much.

Jane loves skiing.

I’m fond of Chinese food.

My son is keen on cycling.

The enjoy meeting people.

I don’t like this picture very much.

She doesn’t like painting at all.

Everybody dislikes your music.

I hate waiting.I can’t stand insects.

What do you like?

Use the expressions from the table and the words from the box below to write 5 sentences about yourself and your partner/friend.

whisky / travelling / Picasso / cooking / dancing / maths / hot weather / pop music / children / dogs


I quite like Picasso, but my wife can’t stand him.

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