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Now listen to another telephone conversation between Janice and Anna and answer the questions below.

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1. What does Anna say about her holiday in Turkey?

It was great.

It was not as bad as she described it on the phone to Janice.

It was absolutely awful.

2. Janice didn’t go to Turkey because

she had to work.

she was going on holiday with Rick.

she wanted to stay home with Rick.

3. When Anna was with Rick

she never wanted to travel with him.

he didn’t want her to travel with him.

they travelled a lot together.

4. How does Anna feel about Rick?

Rick is no longer a problem for her. She’s happy to be single.

She is still in love with Rick and she’s been depressed all the time.

She tells herself she’s happy to be single, but actually she still cares about Rick.

5. How does their conversation end?

Janice hangs up.

Anna hangs up.

The telephone line goes dead.

Two days later Anna called Janice. Can you guess why?

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6. Why is Anna calling Janice?

She wants to talk to Rick but Janice answers the phone.

She wants to make sure that nothing happened to Janice and Rick.

She’s very angry with Janice and wants to talk about it.

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