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Before you listen to the recording, guess the meaning of the highlighted words in the examples below.

1. She was really upset when she heard the bad news.


worried and unhappy


2. It took him a long time to get over the divorce.

feel worse because he couldn’t forget it

feel better after something that made him unhappy

understand how serious it was

3. I’m doing my best and you’re never happy. You’re always picking on me!

saying I’m great

criticising me unfairly

saying I shouldn’t work so hard

4. I didn’t want to go at all but he begged me, so I finally agreed.

asked me politely

asked me very eagerly because he wanted it very much

told me to do it so I couldn’t say no

5. Please, don’t be angry. I want to explain things to you. Please, don’t hang up!

talk so much on the phone

end the phone call suddenly

call me so often

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