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Read this information, taken from the British Museum’s website (http://www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk/) and pay special attention to the words in bold type.


Free to the world since 1753, the British Museum houses one of the greatest collections of human cultural history.

Opening times


Early or late, relax with a book or meal under the most famous contemporary roof in London.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 09.00–18.00

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 09.00–23.00


Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10.00–17.30

Thursday and Friday 10.00–20.30

(including special exhibitions)

The Museum will be closed 1 January, Good Friday, 24-26 December

Temporary gallery closures:

Rooms 88-9, closed indefinitely

Rooms 91-94, closed until Autumn 2006 when they will reopen with a comprehensive new display of the Museum's historical and contemporary Japanese objects.

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