Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS

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Times change – a grandparent’s story Integrated skills-listening, speaking, functions and pronunciation Skills/Functions z elementami Pronunciation

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 These questions are formed by adding the Auxiliary Verb that suits the Verb in the sentence + a Pronoun: “All the students have passed the test, haven’t they?

 If the sentence is affirmative (+), then the question tag will be negative (-) and it will contain the word “not”: “Your mother was born in Rzeszów, wasn’t she?”

If the sentence is negative (-), then the question tag will be affirmative (+): “Your father wasn’t born in Rzeszów, was he?

 They are not normally added to questions. “Do you like football, don’t you?

 There are also some exceptions: “I am supposed to pay for this, aren’t I?” “Somebody has been here, haven’t they?” “Nothing is important enough to miss your son’s birthday, isn’t it?”

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