Lesson 2 - L&S, Functions, Pronunciation - MIND AND BRAIN

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Source: http://www.scena.org/lsm/sm6-2/poison-en.html 4.08.2006 (adapted and abridged)

Hesitation and fillers Look at the tapescript of the conversation and find expressions that are used when you are thinking what to say next. Here’s a ready-made list that you may check upon:


it’s difficult to say….

I mean

Let me think…

what’s her name



…, and I fully agree with him…

I’d say that…

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Read the fragments, if necessary aloud, and find words which contain /ksp/ /str/ sounds:

1. Well, it’s difficult to say, really. Some children are endowed with such extraordinary talent that there seems to be no accounting for it. Most of them make their debut very early.

2. In her autobiography she tells how her extremely strict father made her practise 9 hours every day. Evidently, that did it. At 15, she suffered a major breakdown that put an end to her career. Q: So, being a child prodigy is not a bed of roses, is it? A: No, whatever you may think, the dangers lying in wait for child prodigies are very real. Cellist Yuli Turovsky, conductor of the Montreal orchestra, talked to us about these problems. Let me think… Ah, yes! He talked about the young prodigy…, what’s her name… Ah! Maria-Elisabeth Lott. He said…, and I fully agree with him, that it is difficult to resist exploiting the immense potential of such children. Strangely enough, talents may easily expire as they embark on a serious career they fail.
3. Let me think… I’d say that musical prodigies tend to put so much strain on themselves in mastering the battlehorses of the repertoire that they miss out on cultural experiences like going to museums or the theatre or studying literature, not to mention everyday human interaction. They are eating themselves up and they are unable to renew themselves intellectually or emotionally.
Listen to the fragments and check your choices.